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Gaurav Nihaliya
2 min readJan 30, 2024

Although the easiest language is the eyes, even when the lips lie, the eyes still tell the truth. But he was the opposite, an actor with eyes. Who lived his character so much that the dialogues written on paper would appear in his eyes. While his lips spoke dialogues, his eyes created characters. There were red threads within them which reflected as much anger as sadness.

A song has been filmed on Irrfan ‘Maine Dil Se Kaha Dhundh Laana Khushi’. There is neither any dialogue nor any special scene in this entire song, if there is something special in this song then it is Irfan. Such Irfan that you will feel it within yourself too. A lonely man, melancholic, who is happy with any situation. Then who else could have shown this act better than Irfan sitting in a cafe. More than any other aspect of the song, his acting penetrates that wall inside you that you don’t feel like peeking through.

The life of an actor is so difficult. The more one is philosophical in reel, the more the opposite can happen in real. When Irfan got the news of his illness, he too must have looked beyond the wall. Sharing Rilke’s poetry, informing about illness.

Irfan’s last days were spent in hospitals abroad and in the country. His respected doctors should be asked, what did Irfan’s eyes say in those days. Big eyes in which, after months of illness, so many rivers of dialogue, acting, art, suffering and hope must have gathered. But then those eyes closed forever.

A very good actor went away in very bad times. What could be worse than this that many people did not even get to see him for the last time.

Irfan, but the upcoming beginners will definitely learn from you that ‘there are silent conversations too, they will learn the language of eyes from you’. The simplest language but the rarest acting.

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