What happens when you post every day on LinkedIn?

Gaurav Nihaliya
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You’re Wasting Your Time Posting Daily on LinkedIn

In the digital age, social media platforms have become indispensable tools for professionals seeking to expand their networks, showcase their expertise, and advance their careers. Among these platforms, LinkedIn stands out as a hub for professional networking and career development. However, a growing trend of daily posting on LinkedIn raises questions about its efficacy and potential consequences

The experts would have you believe consistency is the most underrated superpower.

There’s no denying this, but posting every day can have side effects like —

lack of ideas,
self-hate when you can’t maintain a streak,
resorting to posting meaningless content and memes.
What does this result in?

Your audience feels alienated, your profile growth stagnates, and you lose all the hard-earned credibility.

It breaks my heart to see so many writers fall into this trap. They feel like they’re making progress towards their goals, only to “take a break” a few weeks later when they burn out. And when they’re back, all the traction they worked their asses off for is lost.

There’s a better way to build your dream life than to post daily on LinkedIn. How? Let’s dive in.

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The Allure of Daily Posting

For many LinkedIn users, the allure of daily posting lies in the promise of increased visibility, engagement, and networking opportunities. By maintaining a consistent presence on the platform, individuals hope to stay top-of-mind with their connections, attract potential employers or clients, and establish themselves as thought leaders in their respective fields.

The Reality Check

Despite these perceived benefits, the reality of daily posting on LinkedIn may not always live up to expectations. Experts caution that flooding one’s network with daily updates can lead to diminishing returns and even unintended consequences.

1. Engagement Fatigue:
Posting too frequently can overwhelm followers and diminish the impact of each post. Connections may become desensitized to the constant stream of content, leading to decreased engagement levels over time.

2. Quality vs. Quantity:
While consistency is important, the quality of content should not be sacrificed for the sake of quantity. Daily posts that lack substance or relevance may erode credibility and deter potential connections from engaging with future content.

3. Time and Resource Drain:
Maintaining a daily posting schedule requires significant time and effort. For busy professionals, this investment may yield diminishing returns if not strategically allocated to activities that offer higher value in terms of networking and career advancement.

Expert Insights

According to social media experts, a more strategic approach to LinkedIn posting is essential for maximizing its potential benefits. Rather than focusing solely on frequency, users should prioritize relevance, authenticity, and value-added content that resonates with their target audience.

“Consistency is key on LinkedIn, but it’s equally important to ensure that each post adds value to your network,” says Sarah Johnson, a digital marketing strategist. “Quality trumps quantity when it comes to building meaningful connections and fostering engagement.”

The Way Forward

In light of these considerations, professionals are encouraged to reassess their LinkedIn posting strategies and strike a balance between frequency and quality. By prioritizing meaningful engagement over sheer volume, individuals can leverage the platform more effectively to achieve their professional goals.

The experts would have you believe consistency is the most underrated superpower.

There’s a better way to build your dream life than to post daily on LinkedIn. How? Let’s dive in.

1. Know where you want to be
Why do you want to build a personal brand on LinkedIn?

To make passive income online
To leave a positive impact
To own your time
To get famous
Whatever your reasons might be, know the path of how you’re going to get there. From what I’ve seen of online creators, there are 3 ways you can get rich on LinkedIn

Being a creator and selling products, workshops, or courses
Marketing your skills to get potential freelancing clients
Establishing thought leadership to get high-paying sponsorship deals
Once you know which path you want to follow, create a content plan that’s structured to reach your goal in a stipulated amount of time. Let’s talk about how you can do it.

More on creating a content strategy here:

Building A Kickass LinkedIn Content Strategy: The Ultimate Guide
What you need to post on LinkedIn to take your personal branding efforts to the next level.

2. Know how you’ll get there
The content plan I made when I decided to market my services on LinkedIn looked like this-

Monday: Post a client testimonial.
Wednesday: Share a video showcasing my skills and why I’m an expert in what I do.
Friday: Share a before/after story of myself or a client after leveraging my skills.
Just 3 posts a week, and I generated $2000 worth of leads in less than a month.

If you look closely, this isn’t a random collection of 3 posts. These 3 posts are designed specifically to showcase my skills and portray myself as someone my dream clients would want to work with. If my LinkedIn goals were to sell products or courses, my content plan would look different.

Your content plan has to align with where you want to be, and how you want to be seen in your community. Blindly posting content to maintain a publishing streak will get you nowhere. More on building a content strategy here.

“The people who succeed are irrationally passionate about something.” — Naval Ravikant

3. Know your worth
When you’re picking what to charge for, pick high-paying skills.

Writing LinkedIn posts for a client will barely make you $200 a month. But doing content strategy for their brand can earn you upwards of $2000 a month.

When you’re charging for your skills, know your worth, and understand how to package your skills to create high-paying offers.

In one of the $2500 per month offers I created for a client I met on LinkedIn, I included the following services:

Blog content strategy and content creation
SEO research and implementation
Social media marketing
Newsletter marketing
Backlink building
Simply writing blog posts for them would make me $200 an article. But packaging my skills let me write 2 articles a month and make $2500. You need to identify high-paying skills and package them together to create a lucrative offer for your client. This includes suggesting services your client didn’t know they required.

If you establish yourself as a thought leader and behave like one, you’ll find it’s easier to convince clients to sign high-paying checks without questioning too much. Of course, you’ll have to provide them enough value to make them keep coming back.

4. Know things won’t change in a day
The hardest part of embracing the creator’s journey is the wait. One viral post won’t make you rich overnight. One outreach email won’t make you a millionaire.

The key is not to get frustrated. You have to keep your head down and put in honest work. Some other things you can do along the way:

Analyze stats to understand what your audience wants from you
Keep tweaking your content strategy for optimum results
Experiment with content formats to maximize reach
Hunt for potential collaborations in your niche (with other influencers or brands whose target audience matches yours)
Blind consistency vs intentional branding on LinkedIn
Consistency can be your superpower while building a brand on LinkedIn. But if you just post for the sake of it without having a goal and a plan to reach there, you’re killing your chances.

Having a content plan doesn’t mean posting every day. It means knowing your goals and aligning your efforts with it. You need to keep analyzing your stats and tweaking your content to get the most out of your LinkedIn journey.

In today’s times, LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social media platforms to establish a presence on. If you’re merely posting memes or sharing jokes there, you’re killing the chance to potentially earn millions.

With the right approach, mindset, and skills, you can crush the LinkedIn game.



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